3 bedroom apartment in Beach View Terraces

Ref. [339]


3 bedroom apartment in Beach View Terraces

A beautifully decorated, spacious 3 bedroom property which has been converted into a 2 bed. Easily being able to convert back to how it originally was by raising an internal wall. It has an internal area of 95.5m² and a balcony of 4.6m².


Ref. [339]

Property Details

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    3 bedrooms

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    1 bath

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About Beach View Terraces

The Eastside of the Rock is home to our most popular beaches. Eastern Beach, the largest beach in Gibraltar and the one with the most sunshine, lies next to the airport. After that comes Catalan Bay, with the popular Caleta Hotel. There are unique properties in Catalan Bay, with great sea views and direct access to the beach. The final beach on the Eastside of Gibraltar is Sandy Bay, with the property development known as Both Worlds. Generally small properties, but with the advantage of a beautiful golden sand beach.

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